An introduction to the contemporary postcolonial pop culture sphere (Evelyn Wangui Gichuhi)


Are all foreigners in the west urban? Are they all graffiti artists and rappers? Do they speak the same vocabulary as American musical and visual pop artists? Or are they producing work that is fuelled by different aesthetic vocabularies? Are their ideas built entirely on the foundations of western pop genres? Or are they referencing images and experiences mainstream global media hasn’t discovered yet? How does one tell the story of migration without making it sound like a charity advert?

In der Übung / im Workshop werden Arbeiten von Künstler*innen vorgestellt, die in der Diaspora mit Popkultur-Referenzen produzieren, und es werden, auf der Grundlage der gemeinsamen Diskussionen, eigene Arbeiten entwickelt.

Dienstag 08.11., 14.15 – 17.00 (with Johanna Schaffer), Montag 05.12., 15.00 – 17.00, Dienstag 06.12., 11.15 – 17.00, Mittwoch 07.12., 11.15 – 16.00

Raum: 0325

Image: Evelyn Wangui Gichuhi [The gif’s text is Swahili and translates loosely into “the things that happen in the city”, reflecting on the rural-urban migration in Kenya to Nairobi …the city, the place where cultures change…]