Queer weaving, threading, webbing, or: A Set of Speculative Interventions into Virtual Space

Workshop for the Ethics of Curating Conference, Hildesheim, 31/01/20 – 02/02/20

This workshop will consist of multiple modules that are choreographed in time and space but are also meant to leak into each other. We will explore conceptual metaphors such as network, infrastructural action, and interweaving. Our methodology is inspired by practices of building a distributed internet and having fun doing it, by critiques of the dominance of the visual, by mediation/education, by an attention towards neurodiversity and by critical digital education. Ruptures, (de-)formations, surface hacks and perversions are our guests when questioning sleek logics in programmability.

Workshop Team Ipek Burçak, Isabel Paehr, Johanna Schaffer, nicole voec und Cilian Woywod