Some concepts, terms, and topics… (Seminar, Johanna Schaffer & Anke Dyes)

22.10., 05.11., 19.11., 03.12., 10.12., 14.01., 04.02., 14.00 — 17.00 (05.11., 03.12., 14.01. until 16.30)

Some concepts, terms, and topics we want to discuss because we want to highlight and strengthen the discourses around them, as we find them — still, or yet again — too little discussed, too easily forgotten, within the context of Visual Communication, or in Kassel, or Germany, in 2019.

Kader Attia’s Videos “The Body’s Legacies Pt. 1: The Objects” and “Colonial Melancholia”, apropos (cultural) appropriation and restitution [22.10.]

Semiotics: z.B. in Roland Barthes’ work, or in Aria Dean’s work [05.11.]

Lauren Berlant’s concept of ‚flat affect’ [19.11.]

Art versus Craft (Another colonial legacy) [03.12.]

What was Poststructuralism? [10.12.]

Gloria Wekker on ‚White Innocence’ and Robin DiAngelo on ‚White Fragility’ [14.01.]

Surface / Infrastructure (concepts for critical digital realities) [04.02.]

This seminar is open to everyone interested, and we will try to use slowness as a method of teaching. We will bring the materials (texts, films) and introduce them, in order to then read parts of them and discuss them together. Depending on the needs of the people present, we will either discuss in English, or in German, or in both languages.