A Set of Speculative Interventions in Virtual Space

Workshop for the Conference: Renegotiating Minoritarian In_Visibilities, November 12–14, 2019 at the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany.

İpek Burçak (Kassel), Isabel Paehr (Berlin), Nicole voec (Kassel), Johanna Schaffer (Kassel/Berlin) and Cilian Woywod (Kassel)

This workshop offers opportunities to discuss/generate specific virtual-visual projections that help us to understand if and how the regime of the surface and the regime of visibility complement each other. Ruptures, (de-)formations, surface hacks and perversions are our guests.

Nicole voec, living in Kassel. They are interested in queer play, perverted lo-fi aesthetics and hackable materials.

Ipek Burçak is an artist, in her works she forms performative and speculative approaches to affects, anti-ableism and unknowing as a practice through multimedia.

Cilian X. Woywod deforms classic self-conceptions through stories about queer connections.

Isabel Paehr researches the relations between virtuality and concepts of the nonhuman. Her practice touches and connects different fields of knowledge production such as game development, media arts and theory.

Johanna Schaffer teaches and publishes in the fields of visual culture and material aesthetics with a queer-feminist, anti-racist focus. At the Kunsthochschule Kassel she has been building up the platform Theory and Practice of Visual Communication, and she has served as vice dean for study affairs for the past two years.

All five facilitators of the workshop are part of the self-organized and independent working group ‚Machinistic Perception‘.

Renegotiatng Minoritarian In_Visibilities Abstracts and Bios