Exhibiting and Curating as Practices of Translation! (Nataša Ilić)

Practical Theory, Workshop (assistance: Johanna Schaffer, Mareike Bernien)

In this workshop, we will set up an exhibition in the physical space of the ‚theory and practice of visual communication’. (Part of the workshop’s Part 1 will be everyone presenting 1 – 3 own works to the group – be prepared for tough time regulations for this round of presentations – and a common visit to the documenta.) We will use ‚translation’ as a key concept to mediate between different art works and different visual/material practices – our own practices and other practices that we will refer to explicitly within the exhibition space. The workshop will be held in English and German.

20 participants. Please register by emailing to Robin until April 4, 2017 at gloiman(at)yahoo.de

Part 1

12.06.17, 13.06.17  jeweils 11.00 – 19:00

Part 2

06.07.17, 07.07.17 jeweils  11.00 – 19:00

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