Game Jam: Playing the Code / Matters of Touch

We hereby invite you to register for the upcoming Game Jam titled Playing the Code / Matters of Touch that the project Re-Coding Algorithmic Culture will host from September 14th to 16th 2020.

In Playing the Code / Matters of Touch we will work collaboratively to make our own physical games. Each participant will receive a mystery package containing an assortment of playful materials by mail.

In small groups, we will invent un_protocols of play and try to re-make algorithmic processes through touch, smell, sound. We will work with game making as a way to define rules, explore indeterminate outcomes and find out what else is possible.

This Game Jam will take place online on a dedicated Discord Server. We will have a shared online space where we can work in small groups. Groups will work in their own time, but please schedule in time for three meetings: Sept 14th, 10-12.30 CET (introduction), Sept 15th 10-11 CET (check-in), Sept 16th 10-11.30 CET (last meeting).

If you would like to take part, please register by sending an email to until August 26th 2020. In this email, please send us your postal address so that we can make sure your mystery package arrives in time.

The project Re:Coding Algorithmic Culture has won a grant from the VW Foundation within the category ‚Original – isn’t it?’. Over the next 1.5 years, the project participants will investigate the question of how algorithmically based collections, classifications and interpretations of data can perpetuate existing social inequalities/ discrimination – and also challenge, if not redefine them.


Best wishes

the Game Jammers