Other Sensing Possibilities: Permeability, Leaking

“Today, for our lecture, let us begin with a warm up excercise: Please everyone, turn on your microphone and rub your hands together. We’ll do this for 30 seconds to create some collective heat together… Now that we have all activated some collective heat, let’s introduce a bit of chance: The dis-order of our performative lecture will be determined through a dice that we will roll to organize what section comes next. We want to try out this practice that invites chance – not so much to train ourselves to be ever more flexible neoliberal subjects but more as a playful, experimental mode meant to tone down our respective investments in procedures of control…”

Vortrag  von Johanna Schaffer & MELT: Isabel Paehr + Loren Britton für den Workshop „Unequal visibility in digital spaces“ der Forschungsgruppe (In)Visibility in the Digital Age“ am CAIS in Bochum, 19.03.2021