Super Natural

Recalling my experience of moving to Germany as one of forgetting the fear of ghosts at night, I have been interested in supernaturalism as a visuality through which we also relate to the material world. I am exploring the Malay-Indonesian model of the monstrous feminine as well as contemporary forms of Indonesian ghost storytelling in new media. While intersecting with Western theories of horror and monstrosity, my research questions their structure of knowing, meditating on the possibility to speak of ghosts and supernaturalism beyond fiction, metaphor and ethnography.

Andara Shastika’s practice lies in the intersection of performance and media. She studied Visual Arts in the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where she is now (2020/21) working at her Meisterschüler*in project with Johanna Schaffer and Mounira Al-Solh.

Photo: Andara Shastika