Scrambled Delicacies

Scrambled Delicacies is an experimental queer-feminist role-play post-porn which seeks an aesthetic language for expressing the porosity of bodily boundaries. It is an attempt to create space for gestures that warp elements, normatively designated as broken, contaminated, or non-living, into seduction. From my own genderfluid perspective, I look at the intimacy of dissident and ‘inanimate’ bodies. The visual environment blurs the parameters of 2D film assemblage with 3D games spatiality to create a complex visceral interaction that gives way to an exploration of fictional cyber-animalistic perspectives on queer subjectivity.

“El squirting es un acto politico contra el miedo a explotar.” (Squirting is a political act against the fear of exploding.) – Chiara Schiavon, Mi placer se corre como puñales

Within their practice Elio J Carranza is currently excited to be exploring the potential of interaction between photogrammetry, ceramic 3D printing, traditional pit firing, and Augmented Reality. They are also a consensually non-monogamous lover engaged in autonomous mental healthcare activism.

Render Still – Post Production in Progress: Elio J Carranza